- I am so excited to announce that I will now be working with Sarah Rose at Acuity Management and Kara Slocum in the theatrical department of Firestarter Entertainment!
- Detention was kept on as an official house team for the Pack Theater for a second season!


- The Avery Paper Products spot just went live! You can find it on the VIDEO page!
- Joined an Actors production and education co-op called The Collaborative!


- I just booked and recorded a voiceover for a major audio brand!
- My Pack Theater sketch team will be performing at the annual Bird City Sketch Fest in Pheonix, AZ!

Lots of new training!
- I have started studying acting with Nikolai Gusov and Craig Archibald. 
- I have started studying voice with Victoria Lavan.


- I booked a Buzzfeed partner ad! Look for it this Halloween!
- I booked a new media project with the Awestruck! Network. 
- I am now on an official house sketch team at The Pack Theater - and we WON best improv theater and best new theater company in LA Weekly!



- The Simple Mobile spot is now on the VIDEO page! I had so much fun on that one. Be on the lookout for it!
- The Shame Show was given a monthly slot at LA's iO West Theater! We are super stoked. 
- Sketch news: Bad Harvey continued our winning streak at UCB Sunset's monthly Sketch Slam! My other sketch group, Nerd Friez, performed our Game of Thrones show at the Nerdist Stage! Catch us the 3rd Saturday of every month at 8pm for a dope themed sketch show. Next month: GREASE.
- I've joined the writers room for this month's Your TPT Late Night @ The Pack Theater with host Erika Curry! She's one of the funniest ladies and I'm so excited to write for her. 
- Fun fact: one of my favorite shows is Hey Arnold!  I've been a fan for a long time and recently got to be a guest on the podcast I Think You'd Be Into It to talk about the show. My episode is #14 and you can listen it here! The HA! discussion begins around the 15:30 minute mark. 



- Credit Karma bought my commercial for another year of national broadcast because it continues to perform so well. Maybe they should bring us back ;)
- Multiple comedy and character shows at the Pack Theater!
- Just joined the sketch group "D Team!" We perform twice monthly at UCB Inner Sanctum!

June 12

- Booked a commercial for Microsoft! 

May 20

- Booked a spot for Simple Mobile!
- Performed at the Foundation for New American Musicals show at Rockwell Table and Stage!
- Performed in several shows at the Pack Theater!
- Added the Audi Germany spot to the Video page!

April 11

Super excited to announce that I will be performing in the Foundation for New American Musicals's showcase of Kelly Lynne D'Angelo and Matt Dahan's new show, Starry, A New Musical at Musi-Cal.
When: May 8th
Where: Rockwell Table and Stage! 
Starry is based on the lives of Vincent Van Gogh and his brother, Theo.

Tickets are available here: http://tickets.rockwell-la.com/event/442029dcca788ad1be93680074f58550
Foundation for New American Musicals: https://www.facebook.com/LAFNAM/


Just booked a narrative/commercial project for a luxury car brand with German director Tobias Haase. This is such an awesome opportunity and I'm lucky and elated to be part of it! 




Couple of things:
- My Buzzfeed Partner ad for Wendy's is now on the spots page! 
- I just went in to Gary Zuckerbrod's office to audition for one of my FAVORITE shows.
- I just did another game show. I can't tell you which one or how I did, but it was incredibly fun and my partner and I had a blast and I can't wait to let you know when it airs!

Couple of things:
- Catch Celebrity Name Game, featuring me and my teammate Chelsey Ireland, on November 7th on KTLA (CW Channel 5) at 10:00am and 10:30am. Check the Celebrity Name Game website for details on when it will air near you! 
- I've been busy studying in the Conservatory program at Second City Hollywood! 
- Just uploaded some sweet new headshots by David Muller to the gallery and to the main page. 

Jas just booked the part of Wendy in the film Never, Never; a take on Peter Pan and Wendy as adults.

The Credit Karma spot featuring me is now online and on television! I've posted it to the "Spots" page!

Jas just booked the Barefoot Wine sponsored web series "WINELINE!" Produced by Hello Giggles!

Four commercial auditions since the beginning of the month and callbacks on every single one. Not bad, lady. 

The 5 Hour Energy Holiday Spot has been added to the commercial spots page! 

Just in! The Kino-Edwards Picture Show, a web series that Jas acted in, is an official selection of the following TWO festivals:
The 2015 Vancouver Web Fest
Idyllwild Cinema Festival

The Kino Edwards Picture Show was created and directed by Jay Wade Edwards (Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)

Jas just booked a commercial for Credit Karma! You will be seeing her online and on television for at least 6 weeks. We will post the spot as soon as we find it!


Whaaat? As It's Remembered, the feature film that Jas co-produced and starred in, is an official selection of the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival!


Jas just booked a commercial for 5 Hour Energy! You will be seeing her online and on television this holiday season!


Jas just had an audition at Wendy O'brien's office for a new show! 


Jas just had a producer's session for a cool role on Criminal Minds!